Why Is Good Sleeping Important To The Mind?

Sleep is vital to the mind and body. The brain processes the impressions of the day during sleep and the metabolism and the immune system recover. This is how sleep contributes to health and wellbeing. A night of healthy sleep has a significant influence on being able to concentrate and react well, remember new things, and form memories. The prerequisite is good sleep quality, that is, individually perceived restful sleep, and individually sufficient sleep duration.

How does sleep change with age

Sleep habits change over the course of life. For example, older people wake up more often at night and earlier in the morning. You sleep at different times than when you are younger – for example, you go to bed earlier or take a nap. The changed sleep rhythm in itself is not a problem. However, it becomes questionable if the sleep rhythm changes so much that it leads to a persistent lack of sleep and has a negative effect on health and everyday life.

The risk of sleep problems increases with age, with dementia, or when people are in need of care. Possible reasons for this are going to the toilet at night, pain, side effects of medication, or restless legs. But psychological problems, such as worrying thoughts, can also lead to sleep problems. These are sometimes even more pronounced if you are not physically active, feel lonely, or under-challenged.

When do people are in need of adjustable beds?

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Bedridden people who spend both days and nights in bed, run the risk of losing track of time. As a result, they rest a lot, but can no longer get a good night’s sleep. This the reason why an adjustable bed is recommended for them. But before buying one, it is always good to read adjustable beds online reviews to get the best one that suits their needs.

People with advanced dementia also sleep less deeply because of the disease. This can even lead to a so-called day-night reversal. The person is then awake at night looking for something to do. She may even leave the apartment. During the day she is tired, nods off, and then again cannot fall asleep at night.