Mentally Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that the causes of erectile dysfunction are manifold?  In erectile dysfunction, physical as well as social and psychological factors play a role. These factors are closely related.

An example of this is the relationship between depression and erectile dysfunction. They can trigger, sustain, and even reinforce one another.

Psychological factors trigger erectile dysfunction in around 10 percent of those affected.

In young men, in particular, psychological problems mostly cause erectile dysfunction. Mentally caused erection problems are a matter of the head. Thus, you can easily treat this. You can also check the products.

What is the relationship between head and erection?

What many do not know: A large part of sexuality does not take place in the genitals but in the brain. The brain is, so to speak, the control center of pleasure.

Sexual stimuli and attraction are translated into feelings of sexual arousal in the brain. The erotic stimulus is then passed on from the brain via the spinal cord to the nerve nodes and nerve cords of the penis.

The impulse also activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes the blood vessels to widen, causing the erectile tissue to fill with blood. The blood builds up and the penis becomes hard.

The erection is an extremely complex process in which one can coordinate precisely the individual processes. If this process is disturbed, it leads to erectile dysfunction.

You can activate the sympathetic nervous system when stressed, which is, so to speak, the antagonist of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is important for erection. Just like cold, stress can cause the penis to sag and shrink even more.

The emotional life and the mental state also have an influence on the transmission of nerve impulses to the penis. Therefore, stress, depression, anxiety or anger can trigger erectile dysfunction.

Which psychological causes can trigger erectile dysfunction?

Although it is mostly physical illness that triggers erectile dysfunction, there are also some psychological triggers.

For one, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses can cause erectile dysfunction. Many drugs for mental illnesses can also cause erectile dysfunction.

But even in “healthy” people, psychological factors can trigger a “blockage” during sexual intercourse. For many men, fear of failure, reduced self-esteem or sexual pressure to perform play a role.

Because of such negative feelings, erection problems can arise. When erectile dysfunction actually occurs, this negative experience increases the psychological pressure. This creates a negative spiral in which psychological problems and erectile dysfunction trigger or even intensify each other.