Losing Weight Helps With Depression: Exipure

Those who lose weight through healthy eating can also affect their mental health. There seems to be a connection between the gut and the brain.

You are what you eat: Exipure reviews

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This sentence carries weight. Because what you eat may have an impact on your being, your moods, on mental illnesses such as depression. At least researchers around the world have more and more evidence of this. There seem to be connections between the gut and the brain.

Accordingly, eating healthy foods that lead to weight loss may even affect your mental health. And that goes beyond the feeling of happiness that often comes with less weight. Read Exipure negative reviews to know which dietary supplements are best for you.

Losing weight would be good for the psyche. But it is precisely this that often stands in the way of weight loss. For people who are overweight, the control function of the metabolism in the brain is disturbed. In order to permanently reduce weight, this malfunction has to be reprogrammed. You can achieve this with behavioral training instead of a diet.

Follow the basic rules for losing weight without pressure: Exipure reviews

You should base your food intake on the natural regulation in the brain. But overweight people often have to learn that again. Instead of dieting, you should approach weight loss without pressure like exercising and follow these basic rules.

  • Eat regularly to avoid cravings.
  • No prohibition of certain foods if one has an appetite for them.
  • Do not eat for emotional reasons, such as stress or sadness.
  • If you have an appetite outside of the three main meals, ask yourself why you want to eat now. Recognize the real reason and reward or distract yourself differently.
  • Stop eating when you are full.
  • Get used to smaller portions slowly without feeling hungry after eating.
  • Reduce weight slowly but continuously.
  • Perceiving food as something positive.
  • Avoid eating frustration, increase zest for life and self-satisfaction.
  • Get enough sleep regularly.

Does inflammation in the intestine disrupt control functions in the brain? Exipure

Researchers suspect that the intestines of overweight people send fatal signals to the brain telling them to eat more than is good. Obesity is accompanied by inflammation in adipose tissue and in the intestines. Inflammatory substances presumably reach the brain from the intestine and interfere with the metabolic control function there, among other things. New research suggests that there is a link between the composition of the intestinal flora and diseases of the brain.