Keeping a Healthy Mind

Possessing a sharp head has a great deal to do with using a sharp memory. Sharp memory implies the capacity to recall a great deal of things together in regards to learning. Having a fantastic memory assist us to recollect items readily and makes our life easier. Those people who have bad memory find it hard to recall day to day happenings, contacts, areas, information and consequently face a great deal of difficulty. Aside from the aforementioned ones, there are several other brain teasers that may enhance our memory and produce our mind sharp.

  • Eating the ideal nutrients: it’s been seen that ingesting antioxidantsvitamins and omega 3 fatty acids in requisite quantities can boost memory up. Walnuts also help in enhancing memory.
  • Meditation and exercise: Exercising aids in the stream of more oxygen into your brain and nerve tissues. Meditation calms our mind and muscles and also help the mind to work better.
  • Sleep: Getting a fantastic sleep is quite important since the nerves, brain tissues and muscles unwind when we sleep and enhances our memory.

The mind takes 8 minutes to consume a sheet of information and change it into memory. So if we are speaking on the telephone, cutting vegetables and seeing T.V, all collectively we may not recall what we watched from the T.V.

Games Keep Your Mind Sharp

It’s been observed that playing certain games that require intellect can make our mind work faster and enhance our thinking capability.

  • Chess: It’s the very best and the earliest game that’s thought to sharpen our thoughts. We are in need of logic, wisdom and wisdom to play this match.
  • Rubik’s Cube: To fit same colours on every side of the block is a challenging task. One requires patience and concentration to play with this match.
  • Sudoku: This really is really a mathematical game and needs intellect.