Health and Mental Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer many advantages. They are the best solution to restore the function and aesthetics of teeth.

Protect healthy teeth and body through dental implants

In contrast to bridges and other alternatives, in which dentists have to grind down healthy teeth, dental implants offer the advantage that oral surgeons can completely preserve the tooth substance of the other teeth. This in turn reduces the risk of infection and tooth decay. Therefore, dental implants are not only demanding functionally. Above all, it is a gentle solution to replace missing teeth.

Avoid bone loss through dental implants

If your natural teeth are lost, bone loss occurs over time due to the lack of stress. Similar to your muscles that do not work out, the jawbone shrinks as well when not in use. The advantage of implants is that they stress physiologically the jawbone again. They stimulate the bone in a similar way to your own teeth and thus prevent the breakdown of the jawbone and bone loss.

Prevent incorrect loading of the teeth with dental implants

Another advantage of dental implants is that they protect the jaw from improper loading. Missing teeth and gaps between the teeth put increased stress on the remaining teeth. The teeth that serve as bridge supports have to absorb an increased chewing potency that would otherwise be distributed over all teeth.

Such a heavy load may increase the risk of premature tooth loss, especially if the attachment apparatus already periodontitis is weakened.

More quality of life through dental implants

dental implants

Tooth loss due to an illness or accident is painful and stresses both self-confidence and the psyche. The quality of life in professional and private life is dwindling. The advantages of implants result in an increase in the patient’s quality of life. They are the most sensible method of treating tooth gaps or a completely toothless jaw as gently and aesthetically as possible.

Of course, one should not always wait until the loss of a tooth before considering an implant. In the case of periodontitis in an advanced stage, you should decide at an early stage whether you should remove a tooth that is not worth preserving in order to avoid bone loss.