Dental Fear and Dental Phobia – The Need to Help Patients Overcome Their Anxiety

Some individuals experience fear when visiting the dentist, whether seating on the chair is only for a simple checkup, or a painless teeth cleaning procedure. While there are dental treatment from which dental fear could have stemmed, readers should have awareness that procedures for dental implant is generally painless.

Dental Fear Progressing to Dental Phobia

Too often dental fear is linked to traumatic or negative experiences at the the hands of incompetent dentists. In many cases they are anxieties developed through widespread reporting of a bad dental treatment

Anxieties are passed on, as people continue to share claims of painful experiences. So much so that the sight of dental tools lined up on the table evokes fear even before the treatment begins. When the anxiety becomes severe, it could develop into “dental phobia,” a mental condition that causes a person to completely avoid having his teeth problems treated by a dentist.

Severe cases of dental phobia could bring about physical health issues like lung infections or heart diseases as results of severe oral health problems like early tooth loss and gum diseases, and even mental illnesses.

Mental Health Affects Dental Health

Although the relationship between dental health and mental health is indirect, poor oral hygiene can still affect mental illnesses negatively, and vice versa. In such cases, mental health is aggravated by the afflicted person’s poor self-image, disregard for physical appearance and lack of self-esteem.

Individuals with depression often neglect their own wellbeing which can result in poor oral hygiene. Subsequently, it leads to issues such as substance abuse and tooth decay. Eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa can also cause tooth decay.

Perth Dental Clinics Recommend Dental Implants as Painless Dental Treatment

Perth, WA dental clinics provide same-day dentistry services in an environment that is sure to be relaxing and calm. Moreover, adult patients and children with dental traumas are treated with the same understanding and compassionate manner. However, there are a lot of people who are afraid of dental implants due to false attestations that are far from the truth, when in fact there is little to no pain in the procedure.

The benefits of dental implants WA are better than conventional bridges and partial dentures, as they can function independently from the other teeth.


As the oral surgeon explains the process of surgically implanting titanium posts into their jaw, all sorts of pain are imagined, which all the more induce anxiety and fear.
Nevertheless, the oral surgeon gives assurance that once the painless procedure is done, the patient is given time to let the incisions heal and the dental implant time to fuse naturally with the jaw bone. The dental crown, bridge or denture will be placed only after everything is healed and well-adjusted.