Brief Overview of the Rising Cases of Mental Health Disorders

Cases of mental health problems have increased and has emerged as part of the medical problems borne by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, public health authorities admit that they have very little resources and funding to provide appropriate solutions and therapy in helping people get over their mental health problems.

Pre-pandemic life was already hard for many populations across the globe. In 2018, the medical community recognized that there is a growing number of people with mental health disorders. Presumably caused by the stressful conditions that people constantly deal with in going about their lives.

Governments had to impose measures in order to prevent the coronavirus disease from escalating into unmanageable levels. However, they brought on new stress inducing factors that inflicted further damages to the mental health of those who were already feeling burned out.

In addition to worrying about the threats posed by the contagious disease on their physical health, many had to deal with loss of business income, unemployment, threats of home evictions, isolation, difficulty in coping with remote schooling, random acts of violence in the streets, and in many cases, grief over the loss of loved ones.

Even young children and adolescents were affected as they missed major life events they had looked forward to prior to the outbreak. Today, as the stress-causing life conditions continue to take toll on already frayed nerves, many are now seeking help not only for themselves but their children as well.

The Truth About the Capability of Governments to Provide Medical Help

Lisa Carlson, the Executive Administrator at Emory University’s School of Medicine, who also previously served as President of the American Public Health Association (APHA) recently gave her views about the capability of governments to provide medical help to those suffering from mental health disorders.

While state and local governments are provided with funding and resources to help alleviate economic stresses and to resolve shortages in medical supplies, there are not enough treatments available to help people overcome the mental health issues they are going through. The reality is that it will take longer to come out of the challenges that have been attacking our mental health.

What this former APHA president recommends is for people to return to the basic needs that are of critical importance to our body. We need to take care of ourselves by eating healthy meals regularly, getting enough sleep on a regular basis and making our body move throughout the day.
Moreover, we should also focus on spending more quality time with our loved ones, including our pets, in order to survive the challenges brought on by the pandemic in year 2021.

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