As stated health not only contains bodily health but it also includes psychological wellness. A person who has companion and conversation will possess joyful life that will continue to keep the mind at bay out of thoughts and behaviour. This is because of the fact that positive social interaction increases compound levels in the brain that are connected to brains and personality traits. People working in a environment will probably soon be contributing a worry free life. Stress is your culprit which puts a devastating effect on mind and body. Provided that the person should try to avoid stress and should need arises then relaxation techniques should be followed by him. It can be said that in body and mind is interchangeable with long life and pleasure

Health is wealth. Nothing can be valuable and as precious because mind and body. A person having a sound body will probably have favorable thinking. He get all the challenges of life and will have optimistic attitude towards life. However a person who has human body that is unfit will possess vibrations. They examine the gloomy side of story and always cannot think positive. Excellent health is a blessing and people of every age category and each should maintain it.

As the definition of World Health Organization, health is not just absence of disease or illness but in addition, it comprises psychological and social well being of this individual. Self care is the most crucial things. For preserving bodily health a individual has to embrace. Child’s health might be maintained by proper hygiene. A individual in his adolescence should take care of his body by not indulging himself in activities including drinking, dependence of smoking or any drug. He needs to keep his body fine and fit by eating healthy fruit and working out. A person within his years needs to take precautions. He needs to exercise and eat stuff that could be easily digested and provides all critical nourishment since it is the time when many disorders like weakening of bones, vision loss, menopause in women and loosening of teeth happen.